Since 1998, Neware has been committed to providing world-class battery testing instrument with large power output and high accuracy. We adopt SAP as our ERP system and comply with ISO9001:2008 standard.
Neware chooses superior providers and supplies reliable and flexible testing instruments for more than 16,000 clients ranging from battery factories to R&D institutes all around the world.
Following are part of our awards and certificates.

ISO9001:2008 certificate
Neware ISO 9001:2008 certificate from 2010 to 2013.

ISO9001:2008 certificate
Neware ISO 9001:2008 certificate from 2013 to 2016.

2010 harmonious labour relations enterprise
Neware was awarded as one of the 2010 harmonious labour relations enterprises of ShenZhen.

2010 top 500 developing companies
Neware was awarded as one of the 2010 top 500 developing companies of ShenZhen.

2011 top 100 innovative companies
Neware was awarded as one of the 2011 top 100 innovative companies of ShenZhen.

2012 harmonious labour relations enterprise
Neware was awarded as one of the 2012 harmonious labour relations enterprises of ShenZhen.

16 Years innovation

Founded in 1998, Neware specializes in researching and developing, manufacturing and marketing battery testing instruments, Neware has been continuously powering the battery innovation for more than 16 years! So far, Neware is one of the globally leading supplier of testing instrumentation for the cell, battery, EV battery, super capacitor, and energy storage industries.

1000 Hz

Neware designed and produced sophisticated battery testing instruments, the newest products characterized with acquisition frequency up to 1000Hz, minimum pulse width of 400μs, accuracy of 0.2% Full Scale. The newest products reached the world's most advanced level and are able to meet all kinds of battery testing requirements in different areas.

17,000+ Clients

Neware selected TI, TDK, Infineon, Atmel, Mean Well and other world-wide famous electronic material providers as our partners, and we produce superior battery testing instruments for more than 16,000 clients internationally, including world-wide first-class universities, labs, vehicle manufactures, battery manufactures, etc.

30% Revenue

We invest more than 30% of our revenue for our technology and product researching and developing every year, Neware's products and technology progressed day by day. We adopted SAP as our management system and we built more convenient B/S system based on SAP, and we offer integrated management system for battery relative laboratories around the world.

27,869 Hours

According to our clients' feedback, some of our instruments have been worked continously for more than 27,869 hours in some laboratories, and still work well and accurately.

We adopt as our ERP system, for sales/finance/products/human resource/customer/service management, etc.


And what's more, based on SAP ERP, we developer another subsystem for the more applications we need in real working and producing process, it's called the NSAP, it's a B/S structured system and all our employees have access to this system for all the information they need.


By using the public API provided by SAP, NSAP can exchange and sync data with SAP system, it works very well in Neware for years, and today, it's possible for us to deploy this NSAP for your company if you need.

NSAP is specifically designed for small and medium business companies,  it makes your SAP system much more easier to use and it offers more functions you need.

Below series are our major products. They are just briefly introduced here. To know more, please contact with our us via onliechat, phone call or email.

Year 2006, BTS3000

Introduced to the market in 2006, the most cost-competitive cell and battery test equipment, BTS3000 is now the most popular type in the battery testing field, and it serves for research institutes, universities and battery manufacturers all around the world. It is reliable and time-tested for battery capacity grading and performance testing solutions.

Year 2008, BTS4000

Introduced to the market in 2008, advanced and accurate test equipment for cell and battery. It's the upgrade version of the most popular battery test equipment series of BTS3000. It provides higher data acquisition frequency up to 100Hz to enable you get reliable DCR (Direct Current Resistance) tests. And also it has a faster system output response and more accurate when compared with BTS3000. BTS4000 applies all the applications of BTS3000, plus EV battery pulse test, HPPC test and DCIR(direct current internal resistance) test.

Year 2010, BTS8000

Introduced to the market in 2010, providing faster system response than BTS4000 and multi current ranges enabled to ensure high current or power accuracy. BTS8000 supports EV battery driving schedule tests, pulse charge and pulse discharge tests, Cycle life test, and charge and discharge tests with customer-defined rate. One of the most outstanding features of BTS8000 is the driving schedules simulating, which allows the system to charge or discharge the battery pack by simulating the actual vehicle's driving schedules in the laboratory.

Year 2011, BTS9000

Introduced to the market in 2011, As the most cutting-edge equipment for battery material research, BTS9000 comes with extremely high accuracy(±0.02% of FS), amazing hardeware response speed(≤100μs), wide range of applications, high-speed testing data acquisition and many other industry-proven characteristics, it's your ultimate choice for battery material research! It characterized with a data acquisition frequency up to 1000Hz, an accuracy of 0.02% FS and a minimum pulse width of 400us (microsecond) which can be utilized for GSM or some other rapid pulse tests.

Year 2010, BVIR

BVIR provides portable ACR (alternative current resistance) and voltage testing solution for batteries. It complies with IEC 61436:1998, using 1kHz alternative current stimulus signal for ACR measurement. Moreover, an USB port is provided to charge and delivery testing results.

Year 2009, EVT6000

Introduced to the market in 2009, This series is a testing solution for those energy devices with high voltages and high power such as battery module or pack. CAN (Controller Area Network) is supported to get data from BMS (Battery Management System). The applications of EVT6000 include testing of EV, HEV, PHEV batteries of all chemistries, super capacitors and other high power energy storage devices, BacktoGrid technology supported.

Year 2012, EVT7000

Introduced to the market in 2012, EVT7000 is the upgrade version of the most popular EV test equipment series of EVT6000. EVT7000 applies all the applications of EVT6000, with much more advanced technologies and better design, BacktoGrid efficiency more than 90%! While EVT6000 uses thyristor, EVT7000 uses IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor), providing more reliability and efficiency and in smaller space.

Year 2013, BTS ES

In most cases, discharged power from batteries is released as heat spread in air in vain. Our ES (Energy Saving) system enables feedback this fraction of power into electric circuit or electricity grid.

We provide not only above presented major products, but also calibration system, system integration solutions, testing services and software development such as BIS (Battery Information System) to manage battery production information and LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) to manage testing activities in a laboratory.

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