This paper 'Improved lithium storage properties of Mg2Si anode material synthesized by hydrogen-driven chemical reaction' is published on Electrochemistry Communications 25 (2012) 15-18.

Nanocrystalline Mg2Si with high purity, homogeneous composition and uniform particle size was successfully synthesized by a facile hydrogen-driven chemical reaction at below 500 °C. The as-prepared Mg2Si exhibited an improved Li-ion storage ability as anode material for Li-ion batteries as it delivered an initial capacity of about 1095 mAh/g at 100 mA/g. The discharge capacity stayed at 406 mAh/g after 60 cycles, which is much better than that of the commercialMg2Si anode and previously reportedMg2Si anode synthesized bymechanical alloying. The proof-of-concept synthesis technique presented in thiswork should be valuable for the preparation of other intermetallic compounds with difference of melting point between the constituent elements.

In this article, the author used battery test equipment from Neware.

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