For most of Neware low power battery cyclers, there are 3 typical kinds of battery clamps for customers to choose from.

For low power battery cyclers, the machine itself has universal adjustable holder to test 18650 or other cylinder batteries, likes the following picture:

Adjustable Universal battery holder

See? Neware battery cyclers with universal holder can be used for cylinder cells and button cells.

And for pouch cell or other types of batteries, we have more available clamps for you, alligator clamps, polymer clamps and separated polymer clamps.

Polymer clamp for pouch battery

For customers use Neware Battery testing systems to test batteries, some customers may care about the cell voltage and temperature inside the batteries.

Is there a way for these users to get such information? Of course, by using auxiliary channels working with testers, it's easily to get the voltage and temperature of the cells inside the battery packs.

Generally, the auxiliary channels are independent units, looks like the following picture:

Neware BTS aux channels
1 aux modle has 8 channels, which means you can get 8 cells voltage and temperature in a battery pack, if there are more than 8 cells in one pack, then you can order 2 or more aux channels for the purpose.

Neware BTS aux channels
If you have more than let's say 5 units of aux channels, then a cabinet/shelf is a good idea to place them together.

Neware BTS aux channels
Of course, the aux channels can be assembled inside the testers according to customer's requirement.

Neware BTS aux channels
And for high power testers with aux channels, we strongly suggest assemble the aux channels inside the cabinet, it's more beautiful and more easier to use.

Neware BTS aux channels
When choose aux channels, you can choose voltage aux channels, temperature aux channels or both.

Many customers asked us about the clamps for coin cells, sometimes it's difficult for you to describe something in words, right? But with some pictures, everything is so easy and clear. Here comes some pictures of polymer clamps for coin cells.

And the coin cell in the following pictures is a typical 2032.

Polymer clamp for coin cells

Polymer clamp for coin cells

Polymer clamp for coin cells

Polymer clamp for coin cells

Polymer clamp for coin cells

Neware provides various kinds of battery clamps, such as: universal holders, alligator clips, polymer clamp, ring terminal connector and other types specified by customers. Here, only the common 4 types listed below for your reference.

1. Universal holder

For any batteries with their polar on the other sides, and the battery case is hard enough for the clamp.

Basically, there are 2 types of voltage sensing probe - sharp and round, and 2 types of polarity layout-positive up and positive bottom.

This provides you 4 options for your choice.

Sharp voltage sensing probes may leave visible but harmless scratches on the battery, but provides you better contact with the battery. 

2. Alligator clamp

2 couples of wire provided for 4-wire connection - Voltage and current couple. Normally, the bolder wires present current cables, red stands for positive, black for negative.

3. Polymer clamp.

This is specially designed for polymer battery, providing good operation and contact with battery tabs, and also causing no distortion for battery tabs. 

There are many kinds of polymer clamps available for you to choose, the main differences exist in the current range the clamps can handle, though the outlooks seem alike. So if you need some specific current polymer clamps, please do contact with us, to be sure that you choose the proper clamps for your battery testers.clamps-polymer

4. Ring connector.

Sometimes, for the safety or other reasons(such as the battery is heavy to lift or put on the table or drawer), then leave the batteries on the ground is a default choice for many people, in this situation, ring connector is helpful, because ring connector comes with long wires(normally the length of the wire can be 3 inches or up to 6 inches).

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