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As you may know, BTS3000 is one of the most popular battery testers from Neware, it has been in this market for more than 9 years(BTS3000 was launched in 2006).

Is BTS3000 old and out-of-date now? Yes and no!

For many small institutes, COM port BTS3000 is still a very good choice, BTS3000 is a time-proven product, it's based on COM port communication, plug-and-play makes it very easy to use.

But as time passed by, many customers are looking for higher performance and higher accuracy solutions, in that case, BTS3000 is out of the league.

You may say why don't they choose BTS4000? Yes, BTS4000 is great, popular and very steady. But today, besides BTS4000, we proudly present you the new BTS3000 - BTS3000n.

The whole new BTS3000n comes with following features:

  • 0.05%FS accuracy 
  • Ethernet communication 
  • Low PC dependence 
  • Offline mode 
  • Brand new bundled software 

In fact, the newest battery testing systems BTS3000n is developed by Neware's BTS9000 team. That's no wonder why BTS3000n is similar with BTS9000 in some features. More importantly, BTS3000n and BTS9000 share the same BTS software, which means if you buy BTS3000n today and later you want to add some BTS9000 testers, then you can use one software to manage all the cyclers together, isn't that cool?

BTS3000-5V6A VS BTS3000n-5V6A

Current output ranges
Data acquisition frequency
Charge fuctions
Discharge functions
COM port(serial port)
Offline mode
Offline data storage
TC5.3, stopped updating
BTS9, keep updating
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From the above table, we can tell BTS3000n-5V6A totally rules in many aspects comparing with its last generation-BTS3000.

Pictures of BTS3000n-5V6A

BTS3000 with adjustable universal holder
BTS3000n with universal holders, it's easy for you to test cylinder batteries, coin cells, pouch batteries.

BTS3000 with 164 airplug
BTS3000n with 164 airplug sockets, it's especially for you to test coin cells, pouch batteries.
10 sets of BTS3000 on a shelf with middle machine
10 sets of BTS3000n on a shelf, with a middle machine, which makes BTS3000 can work without a PC for a while, and makes the communication of BTS3000 from COM port to Ethernet, the later one is obviously more popular, effective and steady.
Software of BTS3000n-5V6A

Specifications of BTS3000n-5V6A

specifications of BTS3000n-5V6A
Please download the Specifications of BTS3000n-5V6A from: Specifications of BTS3008n-5V6A

FAQs of BTS3000n-5V6A

1. Is there any other BTS30000 models will be upgraded to this n series?
Yes, we are working on bring more models of BTS3000 to BTS3000n, currently we have BTS3000n-5V6A and BTS3000n-5V3A available, and in the very near future, there are going to be more mA level BTS3000n, such as BTS3000n-5V50mA, please keep tuned.
2. Is BTS3000n using the same software as BTS4000 series?
No, in fact BTS3000n is using the same software as BTS9000.
3. I'm using the old model of BTS3000-5V6A, is it possible for me to upgrade it to BTS3000n-5V6A?
Sorry about that, there's no way for you to upgrade your on hand BTS3000 to BTS3000n, cause the main-board of BTS3000n is redesigned.
4. Is BTS3000n better than BTS4000? Are you going to use BTS3000n to replace BTS4000.
No, we can't easily say BTS3000n is better or less than BTS4000, they both have their pros and cons.
5. How do I choose from BTS3000n and BTS4000?
If you don't have a battery tester from Neware, then we suggest you choose BTS3000n as a good start. If you already have Neware BTS4000 on hand, then stick with BTS4000 will make it easier for you to manage all the testers together. And if you are using BTS9000, then BTS3000n is the better choice than BTS4000 in this case.

Instead of giving you many pictures and texts, we offering you a clear, simple video tutorial for your reference. This is the COM port edition of BTS3000, from this video, you'll know how to start up a test in BTS3000.

1. The network cable connect with any of the COM port of the tester, please refer to the following picture.

Maybe you are wondering what's the point of the 2nd RS-232 port, right? It's used for serializing all your BTS3000 testers(with COM port edition). If you have more than one BTS3000 testers, then you can serialize them via network cable, and then you can manage them all directly from BTS client easily. Which means you don't have to connect each tester seperately to your computer. Normally, you can serialize up to 10 (80 channels) testers together.

2. The led light of the RS232 box should be on when you plug the usb port of the RS232 box. Yes, please connect the tester to your computer via a RS232 box, instead of using a network cable directly.

3. Turn on the power button of the battery tester, the led light indicator of the power should be green.

4. Start up the software, normally, it will search the battery tester automatically.

If you are using Neware BTS3000 series instument and didn't upgrade to network edition(which means you are still using the COM port version).

The main differences between Neware COM port version and network version are:

1. The software of the COM port version won't be upgraded any more(the latested version is TC5.4 and it will stay there forever); While the newest software of network instrument is BTS7.5.x, and it'll get upgraded from time to time. And there are many functions network editon has but COM port edition doesn't(more working steps, super channels mapping, batteries grading and sorting function, etc.).

2. Obviously, network edition manages all the testers through ethernet network, which is much more effective and stable than the COM port, especially when there are lots of testers, and the data acquisition frequency is better in network edition.

3. The testing results of PORT version instruments are based on file, but the network version is based on MYSQL database, which is more flexible and easier for management. Of course, in the network version software, it's very easy for you to export the data to txt or excel format for further using.

4. The COM port instruments work with the software(computer) together, is there's something wrong with the computer or the software, then the tests will be stopped accidentally, but for the network edition, even the computer shutdown or reset, there's no influence to the instruments or the tests which are going on. The network edition instruments can work off-line(without computer) and save the data at least 1GB.

Since there are so many advantages for using Neware network editon instruments, you may ask: in what kind of situation should I upgrade to network edition from COM port edition?

Here is the general standards for your reference:

1. If you have more than 8 sets(64 channels or less) BTS3000 instruments;

2. If you want to manage all instruments via ethernet work;

3. If you will buy more Neware instruments in the future, it'll be easier for you to manage all different instruments from the same BTS client;

4. If you want to lower the dependence on the computers;

5. If you want to get more out of the Neware BTS3000 instruments you have.

All the above assumptions lead to the final question: How much will it cost me to upgrade to network edition? Is it easy to upgrade?

The only cost for upgrade from COM port version to network version is the middle machine, generally, one middle machines can handle up to 10 testers, so if you have 10 or less testers, you'll need only 1 middle machine to complete the whole upgrade, is it easy? And the price of middle machine is less than tester. Thinkg of all the avdantages you'll have after the upgrade, so it's very worth the price.

Last, what does a middle machine for BTS3000 look like? Let me show you the picture.:)

Normally, we put the middle machine on the top of the rack, looks like the following picture:

And this is the front panel of a middle machine for BTS3000:

So, are you ready to upgrade your BTS3000 COM port version to network version? Please contact us for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Neware Typical BTS3000 Cabinets

Part 1: BTS3000 Cabinets for 5V Cell Batteries

Neware typical mA level BTS3000 products: BTS3000-5V1mA, BTS3000-5V5mA, BTS3000-5V10mA, BTS3000-5V20mA, BTS3000-5V50mA, BTS3000-5V200mA.

Neware typical 3A-30A level BTS3000 products: BTS3000-5V3A, BTS3000-5V6A(very popular product), BTS3000-5V10A, BTS3000-5V20A, BTS3000-5V30A.

Neware typical 50A-200A level BTS3000 products: BTS3000-5V50A, BTS3000-5V60A, BTS3000-5V100A, BTS3000-5V200A(4 channels for the best), BTS3000-5V500A(2 channels for the best), BTS3000-5V1000A(1 channel for the best), BTS3000-5V3000A(1 channel for the best).


Part 2: BTS3000 Cabinets for 15V/20V/40V Battery Modules

Neware typical 15V level BTS3000 products: BTS3000-15V3A, BTS3000-15V6A, BTS3000-15V10A, BTS3000-15V20A, BTS3000-15V25A, BTS3000-15V30A.

Neware typical 20V level BTS3000 products: BTS3000-20V6A, BTS3000-20V20A, BTS3000-20V60A, BTS3000-20V100A(4 channels for the best), BTS3000-20V300A(1 channel for the best).

Neware typical 40V level BTS3000 products: BTS3000-40V5A, BTS3000-40V10A, BTS3000-40V20A, BTS3000-40V30A, BTS3000-40V60A(4 channels for the best), BTS3000-40V200A(1 channel for the best).


Part 3: BTS3000 Cabinets for 60V/110V Battery Modules

Neware typical 60V level BTS3000 products: BTS3000-60V20A, BTS3000-60V40A, BTS3000-60V60A, BTS3000-60V100A(2 channels for the best), BTS3000-60V200A(1 channel for the best), BTS3000-60V300A(1 channel for the best), BTS3000-60V500A(1 channel for the best).

Neware typical 110V level BTS3000 products: BTS3000-110V100A(1 channel for the best), BTS3000-110V180A(1 channel for the best).


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