Sometime when you have trouble in using Neware BTS, the technicans from Neware may ask you the mid machine or the tester device ID, do you know how to find out the mid machine and tester ID from Neware BTS software? Please follow the following step, it's very easy.

mid machine and tester device ID

Above is the mid machine ID and tester ID for BTS3000(network edition) and BTS4000.

If you are looking for the device ID of COM port edition BTS3000(Of course, there's no mid machine for COM port edition BTS3000, right?) And this is how to get the device ID of COM port edition BTS3000.

For Neware BTS4000 client software, the default sampling time interval is 0.1s, which means the testing data will be recorded 10 times each second. For short time test, this default setting is good, cause more data more helpful for you to get more information of the batteries, right?

But for long time battery tests, such as for battery life-cycle tests, this kind of tests usually will last for weeks or even months. In this situation, the result file will become too huge for computer to handle. In another word, it takes you about months to get the testing result, but in the end you even can't open the result data. That's disaster, right?

So, when you are trying to start up a life-cycle test or other similar long-time battery tests, please remember to modify the default sampling interval from 0.1s to 10s or even 1 minute for the best result.

correct data sampling interval setting in BTS software

For some customer, they'd like to use BTS4000 for high frequency(such as 500ms), so they'd set up a testing script likes the following picture:

use bts4000 to start up pulse test

But when looking at the testing result, the data is not correct, please refer to the following picture, the current is very small or even 0.

use bts4000 to start up pulse test

That's strange, right? So if you want to use regular testing script for high frequency test, it can't be correct. Then what should you do with this?
Pulse test is the correct way to make it.

Let's see the result in the following picture firstly, it's correct, right? The current output is correct, and the data in graph is beautiful. Exactly what you want, right?

use bts4000 to start up pulse test

use bts4000 to start up pulse test
And abvie is how the pulse step information looks like in the NDA data when you right click in BTSDA and choose "channel information" from the pop-up menu.

So if you also want to perform high frequency test on BTS4000, please start up a pulse test to get the correct result. And you can use the 'BuildTest' tool which included in the BTS software, you can find and start it from the Windows start up menu. For the typical pulse test script, it looks like the following picture:

use bts4000 to start up pulse test

You can download a pulse test sample script and open it with BuildTest for reference.

For some customers, they'd like to keep all the BTS testing history data in their computers, but as time goes by, the data size becomes larger and larger, in this situation, they want to migrate the BTS database to a newer and better computer.

How to make that happen? And if there are testing going on all the testers, could it be possible to stop the tests for a while and then continue the tests without losing data or the testing progress?

If you also need to migrate BTS database to a new computer, please following the following steps. And please remember, always make a good backup then you can try all the new things without worrying data lose.

Please follow the following steps to migrate your database.
Step 1: Stop all the tests on all the testers;
Step 2: Wait up to 10 mintues to let all the data transfer from middle machines to database;
Step 3: Stop the mysql and neware services from control panel/adminitrative tools/services;
Step 4: Copy data, NdcFile, TmpFile these 3 folders to another place, such as a mobile hard drive or another computer in your LAN. (Please don't delete or uninstall the old bts sofware on the old computer until you are sure the new computer works as you want it to.) Make up a backup then we have no worries about the further operations.
Step 5: Install the 7.5.5 software on new computer(choose the server installation directory to Drive E as you need);
Step 6: Stop the mysql and neware services from control panel/adminitrative tools/services of the new computer;
Step 7: Use the Step 4 data to override the new installed same directories.
Step 8: Start the mysql and neware services from control panel/adminitrative tools/services of the new computer and make sure these two services can start successfully;
Step 9: Now you can start up the new BTS software client and continue all the stopped tests, of course, search or view all the history data.

When new customers try to connect Neware battery testers with their computer, the 1st question is how to tell the status of middle machine. Because the information of middle machine is very important, right? Middle machine is the bridge between testers and computers. If the computer connects with middle machine properly, and the testers connect with middle machine properly, then the computer should recognize testers, right?

Ok, if you set up the ip address of the middle machine correctly, you can use the PING command to see if the middle is alive in your LAN. If you ping the ip address of the middle machine and it replies you with the following information, it means the computer and the middle machine connect successfully.

Neware BTS middle machine information


And when you input the ip address of the middle machine in a browser, if it can shows up information likes following screen, it means the testers connect with middle machine correctly. From the following screenshot, we can tell there are 2 testers connected with this middle machine. And you can see other more information of the middle machine.

Neware BTS middle machine information