This is latest version of Neware BTSDA(update on 2017-10-10) is realeased with dQdV function.

if you are using Neware BTS4000(or you are using the BTS7.5.4, BTS7.5.5, BTS7.5.6 or BTS7.6.0 software), then we strongly suggest upgrade the BTSDA to this version.

Please download the software from here:

Here's the instruction of how to use this dQdV function in Neware BTSDA: dQdV-function-on-Neware-BTSDA.pdf

This is the BTS software for Neware BTS9000 and BTS3000n, if you are using Neware BTS4000, please don't download and use this version!!

Neware BTS9000 and BTS3000n newest software updated on June 20, 2017
Download it from here:

Many customers are waiting for the newest BTS4000 English version software, here it is!
The most up-to-date software was officially release on August 4, 2017, version: 7.6.0.
We strongly suggest all customers who are using Neware BTS4000 upgrade to this version.

Due to some serious software bugs, please don't use TC5.4 any longer, we are really sorry about that.

Please go back to TC5.3: TC5.3_20100629_WIN7

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